Ursus Maritimus (Polar Bear)

Here’s my latest piece, the Ursus Maritimus, more commonly known as the Polar Bear.

Ursus Maritimus (Polar Bear) preview

Ursus Maritimus (Polar Bear)

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Yet another animal species currently listed as Threatened because of the continuing loss of its natural habitat, is a beautifully and wonderfully developed species that is uniquely adapted to its environment.
Among its many striking features, its grace and agility belie its size and bulkiness; despite its large weight, it is a fearfully stealthy, quick, and ferocious apex predator, being capable of successfully hunting on both land and in the sea in its Arctic domain.

Total time taken: Approximately 6 hours from start to finish, over the span of about a week.

Canvas: Paper app by Fiftythree (http://madewithpaper.fiftythree.com/) on an iPad 3 (www.apple.com/ipad)

Stylus: Pencil by Fiftythree (http://www.fiftythree.com/pencil)

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