This Weekend

So it’s Friday night here right now and yeah, it’s the beginning of the weekend. :yay:

The site design is pretty much complete.  There’s still a couple of things I’m toying with (post ratings being the most visible of these right now), but everything else is pretty much set and carved in stone.  Some things may be adjusted or “perfected” as the whim strikes me.  Oh and also, my similarly graphically-inclined younger brother, Juan, has something in the works to contribute to this site, but more on that at a later date. :whistle:

Anyways, to celebrate and properly inaugurate the site, I thought I would begin work on some kind of tutorial to put up here hopefully by the end of this weekend.  As such, I’m tending to lean towards something simple and quick, but very useful.
Coincidentally, this is where post ratings will really come in handy.  Posts like this one are more for informational purposes and ratings are kind of useless but with instructional posts, ratings will determine the true impact and effectiveness of the content.  So if you like the content, please by all means rate! 😀

As I was saying… I haven’t yet settled on what kind of tutorial it will be but I’m leaning towards showing something quick and simple -yet flashy looking- in Adobe Fireworks, which is one of my favourite and most-used applications.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for future tutorials with any of the software that i use (click here for a list) let me know in the comments.  I’m certainly open to sharing my (dare I say) expertise. 😛


  • Erk  

    So, get it happening man …I look forward to reading it. 😉

  • DigitalCHET  

    Yeah, I think that hiding it based on content is actually possible Juan. I’ll look into it and turn it on.

    And yeah Steph, I’m gonna try get that done this weekend as well. 8) Thank you for reminding me. :*

  • Steph  

    You need to skin the email template.

  • juan  

    :sweat: uhh.. i’ll get that thing to you some time soon…
    probably when i have a desk… I have internets now so i’ll be on my computer more often :yay:

    on a different note, you might consider having an option for disabling ratings? so that you only have rating ability on relevant content?

    just a thought..

So, what do you think?