New store items – UPDATE

Store News


Redbubble, in its infinite legal wisdom through its incredibly hypocritical process has taken down my original Hero Dudes designs due to possible ‘copyright infringement.’ As a result these particular designs are no longer available on the store, but I will try to rework them in order to make them ‘acceptable.’

I may even release these particular designs freely here for your own personal use. Keep an eye out for them in the near future.

I recently updated my Redbubble store with some new designs in case you’re looking for some new geeky stuff to get your hands on.
Check them out below in Sticker and Tee format below (other formats also available), and let me know what you think.

Also, if you have any ideas for other designs let me know! I’ll happily take on suggestions for new and interesting designs.


Sticker - Who's Your Daddy? Sticker - I Am Your Father Sticker - It's A Trap!
Sticker - The Flash
Sticker - Superman
Sticker - Iron Man
Sticker - Batman


Tee - Who's Your Daddy? Tee - Who's Your Daddy? (Dark) Tee - I Am Your Father
Tee - I Am Your Father (Dark) Tee - It's A Trap! Tee - It's A Trap! (Dark)
Tee - The Flash
Tee - Superman
Tee - Iron Man
Tee - Batman

So, what do you think?