MythBusters Digi*Cons

I recently watched through the entire MythBusters series from the beginning and thought I’d challenge myself to creating Digi*Con versions of the cast of the show.  (I confess I’ve actually had these up for a while but hadn’t bothered to package them up for download. :whistle:  )

The real beauty of this particular exercise was that each individual on the show has features and/or accessories that make them unique and stand apart, thus making the transition to the small scale much easier.  All I had to do was to emphasize these attributes and, hey presto, the MythBusters team become a part of my smilies pack.   😀

So, here they are:

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  • Jamie “Well, there’s your problem.” Hyneman :jamieh: ;
  • Adam “I reject your reality and substitute my own!” Savage :adams: ;
  • Grant “Spin me baby!” Imahara :granti: ;
  • Tory “Did somebody order some exploding pants?” Belleci :toryb: ;
  • and finally, Kari “I guess I’m a cheap date!'” Byron :karib: .

As usual, more may follow in the future… as time allows, or as inspiration moves me. :thumbup:

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Also, let me know which member of the cast is your favourite in the comments, and which of the smilies you think captures the true likeness. I personally love how the Adam smilie :adams: turned out. ^_^



  • Steph  

    Yeah she likes to change it a lot. There’s FINALLY new eps now and it’s more orange again.

  • DigitalCHET  

    Yeah, I spent quite a bit of time on her for that same reason and got it as close as I could. :hmm: It could simply have been because in the season which I was watching at the time she had a darker shade.

  • Steph  

    Adam and Jamie look cool….but Kari….I don’t think her hair isn’t red-orange enough. The girls are always hard to capture our essence. :bebi:

  • noodle  

    this doesn’t show up in your blog 😯

    but still SUPER COOL :yipee:

So, what do you think?