Hmm… Back to normal…

NGGallery Post Preview


After a bunch of tinkering and troubleshooting here and there, and looking under the hood, and sticking my hands in places they probably shouldn’t go, it seems I’ve finally fixed the NextGEN Gallery problem…
…somehow.  :hmm:

I say ‘somehow‘ because I’m not exactly sure what finally fixed the problem.  I know that the last thing I tried was disabling all the plugins, then re-activating them all one at a time, as a suggested course of action by a random support thread.  Prior to that I went code-hunting in the various plugin files to see if I could spot anything amiss but didn’t really change much, if anything at all.

In between that I also disabled and installed/activated some plugins as some of the more observant visitors would probably have noticed by now.

I *do* know that the Less (is More) plugin was interfering with the way the Visual/HTML views were displayed in v2.7’s post editor, and once I disabled that the editor worked perfectly.

But anyways, I’m glad it all works properly now.  It means I can concentrate wholly on improving the site and adding more content, instead of hunting down silly bugs.

That’s all for now.


So, what do you think?