Hello world!

Well… with this site finally nearing a somewhat stable usable form I guess it’s time to begin the process of filling it with some actually worthwhile content and begin writing.

I suppose I should begin with a somewhat brief description of how this site came about.

Creating Digital*Impulse


Arriving at the look and feel for this site has been a somewhat arduous project but I think it’s really turned out ok.  Finding a suitable layout that I actually liked and could use on a regular basis was a task in itself, what with the thousands of available themes and designs available freely.  I must’ve actually settled on a theme at least 4 or 5 times (many of which Steph hated :X )!

I should mention from the outset that this entire site’s design and not an inconsiderable amount of its construction were inspired and aided by the many talents and technical expertise of one Stephanie (a.k.a. BebiBulma).  Her help and support during this entire process (which coincidentally is still current and ongoing :whistle:) have been instrumental.  From getting me onto WordPress in the first place, then suggesting and setting up plugins, to positioning elements on the page for the notoriously design-unfriendly Internet Explorer and endlessly tweaking bits here and there, Steph’s help has been crucial to the successful functioning of this site.
Thank you, Steph, really.  🙂

Anyways, I always knew I wanted a site that was styled as uniquely as I could manage on this strange new framework compared to other sites.  Being a design freak meant having something that stood out and caught the eye of visitors was a must, so I (with Steph’s help) trawled the intarwebs for hours looking for the right theme.  It was at this stage that she suggested I style it based on an upcoming WindowBlinds theme I have in the works.

MINIM for WindowBlinds

Going by the name of MINIM, this WindowBlinds theme is an attempt at creating something both simple and minimalistic while remaining highly eye-catching, attractive and usable at the same time.

Minim Preview

Minim Preview

The theme is composed largely of a high-contrast monochrome palette with a splash of colour, in this case Cyan, though additional colours are planned for the WindowBlinds theme with the added bonus of color-awareness for full color control.

So back to the site…

The idea of using MINIM as a base for the design of this site was ideal, since it’s purpose was largely to be a usable yet striking interface.
So once I found a theme I liked, I set about re-skinning it.  This required a lot of tweaking and modifying of the original theme but once the major hurdles were overcome, the going was fairly steady, if not easy after that.

The most challenging (and dare I say, infuriating :annoyed: ) hurdles I’ve faced so far with this designing in this framework are the comments skinning -which I’ve pretty much finished- and IE compatibility -that in itself is possibly the single most irritating aspect of web design these days.  Microsoft’s continuing refusal to do things differently just makes a web designer’s work that much more difficult.

So the result of all that hard work is what you see in front of you, and while I personally wouldn’t call it complete, I would say it’s definitely usable at this stage.  The rest is tweaking and improving.

What do you think?


  • noodle  

    Cheers :beer:

    I do believe this is quite a fine piece of work, sir. With the halp of Ms. Bulma it seems anything can be accomplished (trust me, I do know from experience (if you know what I mean)). With that being said I must agree with Sir Erk about the theme, let us say, “growing” on me. It is a quaint little thing and a great addition to the interwebs. I wish you well in your endeavors. Should you need any halp feel free to contact me on my tele.



  • Steph  

    OMG noodle. :rofl:

  • Erk  

    It’s kinda funny you know …I wasn’t that keen on the cyan to begin with, but after a few days of looking at it whilst you were building/tweaking/adding etc. it’s grown on me to a point where I DO like it.

    It’s all coming along quite nicely …great job! Much respect to you & Steph.

  • Steph  

    Yes…I am just *THAT* awesome. O:) Pure genius I tell ya. :bebi:

    Oh and one more thing…. FKN IE NEEDS TO DIE!@!@#!#!@!# :rawr:

So, what do you think?