Harp Seal Pup

This is a drawing of a Harp Seal Pup. Seals are very smart, agile and well suited to their environment and their pups are incredibly cute. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put one on my canvas. 😀

I had actually started this drawing a while ago but wasn’t happy with how it was progressing, so I decided to start over from the background I had already created and this was the result. Make sure you watch the video I made of this drawing below. 🙂

Harp Seal Pup

Harp Seal Pup

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Name:  Harp Seal Pup
Created In:  Paper by Fiftythree on an iPad 3 :ipad3: with a Pogo Connect stylus. :pogoconnect:
Time Taken:  ~2hrs
Featured Track:  The Ice Grottoes by Tettix from the Solace album which is freely available from the artist’s website. Used with permission.

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