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Bumper Digi*Cons Crop

May 31, 2011   //   by digitalchet   //   Emoticons, Portfolio  //  2 Comments   //   314 views
Digi*Cons Misc

Because I don’t have time to write separate themed posts, here’s a whole bunch of new Digi*Cons for your enjoyment. :D
Note that I’m also including some that have been up for a while but never really got around to announcing. :X Read more >>

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In which I justify my iRespect

May 5, 2011   //   by digitalchet   //   iDevice  //  8 Comments   //   65 views
iPad 2

I’ve never been a big Apple fan.  I’ve always thought such people —MacTards or iSheep, as they are often referred to— were gullible hipsters and/or drooling sycophants who religiously hung on every word Steve Jobs uttered, and were willing to spend thousands buying every latest magical Apple product that was announced at their overhyped conferences.  Watching videos of these conferences has often made me sick with revulsion wonder in bewilderment at the dedication and adoration these people seem to pour out on the company, its founder, its events, and its products.  I simply couldn’t grasp it.

But since the introduction of their touch mobile products (iPods, iPhones, iPads —or collectively, iDevices), my mind has been somewhat transformed. Read more >>

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